What is Homeostasis?

The conditions inside the body must be controlled within limits. This is called homeostasis. These conditions include water content, ion content, body temperature and blood glucose concentration.


Removing waste

Wastes in human body must be removed, because if we don't remove they can damage our cells or they can make chemical reaction inside.

" These table shows some wastes that comes from human body"

Controling blood glucoseaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.JPG

Diabetes- You will see more about diabetes more on next page.
The pancreas and insulin
- The pancreas monitors and controls the concentration of glucose in the blood. It produces a hormone called insulin. You will see more on next page.

Body temprature

-High body temprature
Sweating- It's process that helps to humanbody to cool down.


" This picture shows that normal body temrature by red, which 37'C"

sadddddsss.JPG"(BBC,2008) Cold or hot temprature"

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