Hypothermia is a form of disease that can occur when the victim becomes extremely cold. If this occurs and the victims enters a 3 stage sickness that if not medicated before reaching stage 3 means the victims death. Stage 1 is the easiest stage to notice as breathing becomes shallow and a cold sensation passes over the victims body. Also the victims body will begin feeling numb and their hairs will begin to stiffen (this is noticable by the victim). If the victim begins to feel warmer it only mean they are begining to move into stage 2.

In stage 2 movement becomes slow and labored and mild confusion begins to take place, even though the victim looks alert. THe victim also becomes pale and has a blueish color begining to emerge around the victims body.
This is when stage 3 begins if the patient is not cured by now then they will require extreme heating that is only available at hospitals.

In stage 3 shivering stops, but amensia begins causing loss of movement controls of body and a sluggish way of speaking. Also within pulse begins to die down as cellullar metbolical processes begin to shut down, which also causes an increased haert rate even though it feels as if pulse is dieing down. Once this occurs major organ will begin to fail, causing a clinical death to happen before a brain death because the decreased cellular activity in stage 3 actually means it takes longer to reach breain death.

Cures for this are to make sure that the victims is suffciently heated by using ones on body heat to raise their heat level and by using a blanket to keep the heat level at a constant pace. This will only work at stage 1, if victim enters stage 2 then they must be brought to a hospitals as fast as possible to gain external heating measures such as warming blankets and injections of heated liquids into the victims body. If Stage 3 is reached then it is as the same as stage 2 just that the person will have to undergo a more extreme version of the stage 2 treatment. This is useful as techniquely if the body is well heated then the cellular activity will begin to restart again aloowing the patient to enter the recovery period of this disease.
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