Welcome to the I.S.S. wiki on Homeostasis. This website was created by students of Mr. Boeyink's Science (Grade 10) class. Students are explaining the following issues/concepts/questions on Homeostasis:

What is homeostasis? By Bilguun :: Diabetes By Ji Eun :: Hypothermia By Andrew :: Hyperthermia By Biansy :: Kidneys By OH Sang Hoon :: Pancreas By Richard :: Insulin By Eric :: Glycogen By Sung Mo :: Glucagon By Na Yun :: How the amount of sugar in the blood is controlled By Nazia :: waHow the water level in the body is controlled – osmoregulation By Manaahil :: How the pH of the blood is maintained By Noora :: How the concentration of carbon dioxide is controlled By Sinnie :: How the temperature of the body is controlled – thermoregulation By Ahn

Students may be assessed against criterion B - Communication in Science